Sunday, February 23, 2014

Birthday Party at Planet Azul

It has been a very long time since my last post, but I'm going to work on that.  My son is on my computer a lot so that's probably a good excuse, but I've also been lazy. 

This past Friday we went to Planet Azul for another great birthday party.  Planet Azul is fairly cheap for a party, especially compared to the U.S.  The only complaint I have of this place is that the music is just awful.  I mean, really awful.  Here are some pictures of our day....

Now I know why I don't work on this stupid blog.  It will only enlarge and caption a few pictures and then it quits.  Urgh!  My OCD will not allow only a few pictures to be big and the others small.  It drives me crazy.

Sandy and Felix acting silly.

The Gang.

The Gang acting silly.

                                       Birthday cupcakes.  Yum!

                                              The three amigas. 

                                            The three amigos.

                                              Brother and sister.

                                                  Great friends.

We also moved into a new house on a mountain above the city.  It has a gorgeous view of Cuenca and a view behind us of a beautiful valley.  We have a small bit of land for our goats, but we need something bigger.  The house is gorgeous, furnished and perfect for us right now.  However, we are now at 10,000ft. and it is much colder up here than in Cuenca.  We moved in the last week of October and winter was still hanging on.  We froze our asses off.  I am not looking forward to August, but at least now we know what we are getting into and can stock up on firewood and propane heaters.  These are some random photos of a party we had at Christmas.  My family came to town for two weeks so we had a Christmas Party/Open House.  There are also some pictures of our goats.  For some reason I can't find any photos of the inside of the house.  They must be in my Facebook folders.

                                I'm sitting on a hill behind the house.

                               Brownie and Chamiza taking things in.
                               Neither one of the dogs belong to us, but
                               they hang out here.